Installation Guide

Effortless plug & play setup with a lightweight construction for easy integration into your desired lighting design

Caution: Do not forcefully construct your light as this may damage the components. It is highly recommended that you have a certified electrician to connect the power cable(s) to the mains power supply.

Step 1: Construct your hexagon light on the floor. Start from one side length ways constructing across to the other side (as show in the slideshow).

Step 2: If possible, test the hexagon light on the ground to make sure its correctly connected before mounting.

Step 3: Get a certified electrician to wire the power cable in the correct location.

Step 4: Fix the hexagonal light to the ceiling/wall using the hardware supplied or use screws through the holes on the connectors (screws not supplied).

Step 5: Plug the power cable into the hexagon light and your done!

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